About me

I'm Kayleigh, 23 years old and marrying my 27 year old fiancé on 6th of August 2011. He's a chef and I'm a supply teacher, but hoping to find a full time job soon.

We are trying to plan a beautiful, fun wedding for 100 people on a budget of £5000 which we thought was a fairly huge budget when we started ( it sounds like a heck of a lot of money to me!).
We have since come to discover that the average wedding in the UK today costs about £15,000 - the actual figure varies from about £12,000 to £17,000 depending on what you read, so I'm just splitting the difference here. £5000, while a lot of money, is not that much in the wedding industry!

So we are trying to have a wedding on a third of the average budget, but make it look and feel like we spent a lot more! We want our wedding to be cheap, but not look cheap - low budget but high class!

This will involve lots of bargain hunting and DIY, but hopefully be enjoyable too! We plan to cut costs through DIY wherever possible - something that should be interesting at least!

I love weddings and all things wedding related, so the chance to talk about all the pretty wedding things I've seen or done was too great to pass up! I could literally spend hours looking at wedding related things (and frequently do!) so this blog is going to be a way for me to keep track of all the ideas and inspirations that I come across, and share our wedding plans with you all.

I may ramble on sometimes, and often go wildly off topic, and I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes - sometimes I type too fast and forget to press spellcheck! But if you stick with me, you might just get to see all the random and strange ideas come together and make a fairly nice, cheap and cheerful wedding!
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