Monday, 8 November 2010

First Dance Song (again!)

Ok, ok, I know that I have changed my mind a few times about what our first dance song will be, but this time I am certain!

You might remember that I originally wanted The Luckiest by Ben Folds, then Karl decided that he preferred If I Had A Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies. However, we decided that the Barenaked Ladies song might be a bit too fast to do the classic "stand and sway" to, and Karl does not like the idea of dance lessons!

Anyway, I came across this song on YouTube - the original was by Barbara Lewis in the 60's and I had heard it before and liked it, but when I heard this cover by the Arctic Monkeys, I just fell in love! I have literally been playing it on repeat for about 3 days now.

Karl has agreed to it - possibly because he just wants me to stop playing love songs to him and asking for his opinion! Although I did catch him singing along to this song, so it's safe to say he like it! And it's the Arctic Monkeys, so he can say "Oh yeah, we're having our first dance to the Arctic Monkeys" and sound cool, even though it's not even remotely.

It's slow enough for us to do the "stand and sway" to, but has enough of a beat so that if we suddenly decided to learn a dance it would still work (although the chances of that happening are slim!). And its less than 3 minutes long! Hurray!

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