Saturday, 4 December 2010

Reasons I love my fiancé...

There are many, many reasons that I love Karl. Some of them are more conventional, for example, reason number 3: he may act like the big man, but in reality he is a massive softie. And reason number 14: he gives the most amazing foot massages!
Some of the reasons are a little stranger, and probably don't make much sense to anyone else. For example, reason number 57: we often have entire conversations using just "mmhh" sounds. You know, like the noise you make when someone asks you a question and you have a mouthful of food. We can literally talk for about 10 minutes using just 'mouthful noises', and when we do, I love him a little bit more. That might be weird, but it's true.

Something happened today that has been added to my list of reasons why I love my fiancé.

So, reason number 136: today, Karl turned to me and said "Are you aware that it is almost exactly 9 months until we get married? 9 months on Monday, actually."

I just looked at him for a second. Of course I was aware of that, but I was not aware that he was aware of it! This is the man that has to look at me for confirmation every time anyone asks what our wedding date is. I was impressed that he had remembered our date, and touched that he was actually thinking about the wedding. It might sound like no big deal to you, but as far as I knew, he barely ever thought about the wedding. I love it when he surprises me!

Anyway, only 9 months to go! How exciting!

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