Saturday, 8 January 2011

A little gift from my future Father In Law

Karl went to see his dad today, and returned with a present for us! Don't you just love unexpected gifts?!

Anyway, here's what my Father in Law to be had made for us...

An 'Our Wedding' cut out photo frame! Isn't it cute?
It has a wooden frame, which is painted a sort of matt silver (in the photo it's still wrapped in the black plastic, becuase I dont want it to get scratched or dirty before we have a chance to even use it!). The cut out board bit is cream, with a black layer in between, so that the edges of the letters are sort of staggered, if that makes sense? Sort of a 3D effect. 

I'm really excited to get wedding photos to put in this! I think it will look really lovely, and it's something a bit different than just having the pictures in a regualr frame.

Lovely FIL2b had it made especially for us, when he went away at New Year. Isn't that so sweet of him? It's a bit weird too, as I was just thinking the other day about getting some nice frames to put pictures in after the wedding! This is exactly the sort of thing that I would have wanted to try and DIY, but I don't think it would have turned out half as nice if i'd attempted it myself!

Thank-You FIL2b!

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