Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Photo Booth Props

My amazing friend, Sam, bought me a present today....

Oh yes! A pack of fake mustaches! She knows me so well...
These little beauties are going to be the star attraction on my Photo booth prop table. I plan to attach thin wooden stick to them and then let the guests go wild. I couldn't resist a little practice shot though...

Attractive, yes? In reality, the stick will be much thinner. This paintbrush was the only thing I could find to use at the time!
 I also picked up this fairy wing headband thingy to use as a prop - purely because it was cute, and only 99p.

A while ago, Sam also bought me this set of comedy false teeth to use as Photo Booth props:

I'm not sure if they will work though - there is the hygiene aspect to consider. We couldnt just leave the teeth out for people to use, since after the first person has used them, no-one else will want to have them in their mouths! I did consider having sterilising wipes or something but I think it would end up being too much bother. What I might do though, is hand out one set each to a few key people for a couple of photos, rather than leaving them for eveyone.

I'm going to be on the hunt for more props for the next few months. I'm hoping for some interesting hats, funky glasses, and maybe one or two masks. I'm still planning to make some 'Smiles on sticks' and also some chalkboard speech bubbles.

I'm so excited to see how the photo booth pictures turn out!

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