Monday, 3 January 2011

The Veil!

So my very lovely big sister bought me my veil as a Christmas gift - isn't that nice of her? Anywho, it is a white, single tier, fingertip length with scattered crystals. And it is beautiful! It needs to be steamed, but I'll show you some pics anyway...

Closeup - you cant really see in this photo, but it has tiny crystals scattered all over it.

Me wearing the veil.

I'm so happy with my veil! I love that it's single tier, so it's very thin and delicate, and not at all poofy. And the scattered crystals give that extra something. It is a tiny bit longer than I expected it to be, but I actually love the length now. I think it's short enough that I wont trip over it or anything, but long enough to get some nice "veil blowing in the breeze" shots like this:
 Isn't that gorgeous? Of course that will completely depend on there being a strong enough breeze, but I can dream anyway.

 In case you're interested, the veil was from Deity Bridal which is a website that offers a ton of different lengths, tiers, styles etc of veils for bargain prices. I have never understood why a single piece of netting attached to a comb would cost over £200 - but that's what I saw in some bridal shops! Crazy stuff!

I have not quite decided whether I'll be wearing the veil attached to the top or the back of my head - but I'm leaning towards thre back. I think it will work better with the hair style. At some point soon I'm going to get my hairdresser, Mark, to give me a hair trial using the veil and this headband that I bought a few days ago.

That's pretty, right? I'd been looking at headbands for ages and had been lusting after several on the Glitzy Secrets website. I particulary liked the ones with crystal flowers on the side, but they were about £40 each! As far as I'm concerned, that is a ridiculous amount to pay for a headband, especially since I hardly ever wear headbands, and would probably never wear that one again!
Then I was in town the other day and Mark (my hairdresser) found this lovely little headband in some random shop, for only....wait for it....£3! Bargain or what?! I love it, but i'm not sure if it will work with the hairstyle and/or veil. If it doesn't, it's not he end of the world as I've only spent £3 and it's small and simple enough to wear anywhere!

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