Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cheap Centrepiece Idea #2

Following on from our decision to have non floral centrpieces, I have been trawling the internet for inspiration.
I think it can be difficult to find centrpieces that look elegant without spending a fortune, so the plan is to make them ourselves. This means that we're looking for something cheap and simple that will still make an impact.

Here's a few of my favourite ideas so far:

Candle bags from Martha Stewart

I quite like the idea of using herbs as centrepieces. I think give a fress and natural look to the table, and we could make it a bit more colourful by putting them in bright containers. Plus they would smell amazing!

I've mentioned using limes before, and this lemon centrepiece looks quite striking. However, when Martha Stewart does it, it looks classy and unique. When I do it, it looks like a bunch of fruit dumped in a bowl...

I love this idea, from Martha Stewart (again!). It's family photos printed on really thin paper and framed. You stick 3 frames together to make a triangle, then put a candle in the middle. Simple, but very cool.

Fabric flags (in purple and lime for us, obviously) stuck in a jar. So simple, but I actually quite like the look of this.

I think I saw goldfish bowls somewhere - maybe at a wedding fayre? At first, I thought it was a very unique idea, but when I actually think about it, I'm not sure I like it...
What happens to the fish afterwards? Is it cruel? What if a fish dies during the day? Can you imagine - a dead fish floating in the middle of the table?? Eurgh!

Wheatgrass! I've never thought of grass as a centrepiece before but I love this photo so much! I know it has flowers in it, but only the head and I could buy a bunch from Sainsburys on the day, lol.

So far, wheatgrass is definitely my favourite idea. I'm off to find some more pictures!

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