Saturday, 28 August 2010

Colour me pretty

We decided on our wedding colours because I love purple, and my ring has an amethyst which is Karls birthstone. I thought it would be nice to have my birthstone too, which is emerald. However, purple and emerald green look very dark together, and we wanted something light and fun. So purple and lime green was it!

I love these colours together - I think they look really fresh and fun. I thinking that the bridesmaids will be in purple, with green bouquets. I also fell totally in love with this cake -

How much fun does that look? Too good to eat, really.
Here's some more purple and green inspiration for your viewing pleasure (photos are not mine!)

Gorgeous, right? I did think about having lime green bridesmaid dresses but I couldn't find any in the exact right shade, so I thought purple would be easier. Also, I really love the look of green and white bouquets.

I am as yet undecided whether my bouquet will be all white, or white, green and purple. I saw this gorgeous purple lisianthus bouquet but I think it would look a bit out of place if all the other flowers are green and white

I'm leaning towards purple, green and white for my bouquet. Something like these...

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