Friday, 27 August 2010

The Proposal

Ok, so I suppose the proposal would be a good place to start...
We had been discussing getting engaged for a while, I'd basically said that we should wait until I'd finished my degree and when that happened and we moved back up north, I said "ok, I'd like to get engaged now!". Nothing like a subtle hint, is there?!

So I started looking at rings and showing them to Karl, who labelled them all as "nice". I'd always wanted a princess cut diamond on a white gold band. Something nice and simple. However, all the ones I liked were so expensive and we just couldnt justify spending so much on a piece of jewellery - even is if was a very important one!

One day I saw an amethyst ring and fell in love completely! I love purple and amethyst is Karls birthstone too - I thought it would add an extra special touch if the engagement ring was linked to him in another way too. So I mentioned to him that I'd love a ring with amethyst in it and he went out one day with his sister in tow and informed me that he'd found the ring.

Unfortunately it wouldn't be ready until 11th november (about 3 weeks away!) and I am a very impatient person! But I managed, trying not to get too excited incase I exploded!

On the 29th Febuary, I went to Alton Towers with my mum and sister, but Karl decided not to come. He doesn't like rollercoasters much anyway so I didn't think anything of it. We got home at about 11pm and as soon as I walked into the kitchen, karl gave me a hug and asked me if I loved him. I said "of course" and he said "enough to marry me?" and pulled out the ring. I think I made a sound akin to "eeeeeeeeeek!" since I wasnt expecting the ring to be ready for another 2 weeks or so and then managed to say "yes!".

And that was it! No bended knee, no huge romantic gesture, but it was very "us" and I appreciated how sweet it was that he'd managed to keep it a secret that the ring would be ready sooner - he is usually so bad with secrets!

And the rins is a princess cut amethyst! It is really gorgeous and I love it so much! It might not be the most traditional or the most expensive but I think it's important to have something that means more than just a price tag to you.

Somebody asked me if I was upset that I didn't get a huge romantic proposal, but I think any time someone is asking you to marry them is going to be romantic anyway! Our proposal story is so "us", sweet and simple. Hopefully, our wedding will follow the same style!

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