Saturday, 28 August 2010

Do we need a theme?

One of the first thing that everybody seems to ask me when we talk about the wedding is "what is your theme going to be?".
We don't actually have a theme, unless 'wedding' is a theme?? I suppose we could say it's a purple and lime green theme, but that doesn't seem to satisfy people!

I'd like to say that out theme is 'stuff we like' and then I could get away with having anything at the wedding with the excuse of 'but that's part of the theme!'

I've done a little bit of research and some of the more popular themes for weddings seem to be:
Butterflies -

 Country Garden







Obviously, the theme of a wedding could be anything at all, and I'm sure that every couple chooses something that means something special to them. These 3 are just some that I have seen examples of a few times, but every wedding (even ones with the same theme) is unique. 

Should we have a theme? Does a wedding need one? Personally, I think that a colour scheme is going to be enough for us. I don't want to worry about matching everything to a specific theme aswell! 

If I had to describe the tone of our wedding, I'd say I want it to be simple, relaxed, fun, colourful and happy.  I think this is as much of a theme as we need! 

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