Friday, 27 August 2010

The Venue

We found our venue in Febuary after looking at what felt like every other venue in a 50 mile radius! We had a pretty long list of things we wanted, which included:
  • big enough for 100 people
  • lovely gardens or outside area
  • late license for the bar/music
  • bar in the same room as the meal/disco 
  • disabled access
  • not too far from where we (and most of our guests) live
  • civil ceremony at the same place as reception
There was much, much more on the list, but I wont bore you with all that. Neither of us are religious, so we knew it would be a civil ceremony and wanted everything at the same place. We visited a place called Willington Hall, which is gorgeous and has a license to get married outdoors. We were so excited about this idea, but Willington Hall turned out to be slightly more expensive than we were hoping to spend. Round the corner from there, is a golf course called Pryors Hayes, which has recently started holding weddings and also has an outdoor wedding license. We went to visit and it was so perfect! It is right in the countryside, near Chester, about half an hours drive from us and it has amazing views! It has the clubhouse to have the meal in, a marquee to have the disco in and the outside pavillion to get married in.

Now when we went, the pavillion wasnt built yet, but Jane, the co-ordinator showed us the deisgn and I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous!

We'd already seent he prices of the meals and they were very reasonable, so we sat down with Jane and meekly asked how much for the room hire charge...? Here response? FREE! Can you believe that? We then asked about ceremony charge...? NO CHARGE! Amazing! We tried to hide our excitement (and failed) as Jane explained that as long as you had the food from them, there was no room hire charge!

Needless to say, that sealed the deal for us! We booked it for our date, with ceremony at 4pm. We had already decided we wanted a 4pm ceremony as we thought this would mean we didnt need to provide a meal and a buffet, cutting another cost. Luckicly, Pryors Hayes only has ceremonies at 4pm, since they are open as a golf club during the day anyway. See, it's fate!

This is the pavillion where our ceremony will take place

The pavillion and garden will be built on the grass near the white marquee
The front entrance

The deck where we will have drinks after the ceremony

The gorgeous view over the gold course.

I love Pryors Hayes so much, and the fact that it is such a bargain just makes me happier! Jane also said that we could have the bar and music until what ever time we wanted. We can have some really lovely photos taken around the golf course (and maybe even a golf buggy to drive aorund in!). I can't wait to go back when the garden has been built and see it properly.
The only thing that worries me, is that we have our heart set on an outdoor wedding and in this country, there is a big chance it will rain. The weather on 6th August this year was awful! I will be so disappointed if it rains and we have to move everything inside, so fingers crossed!

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