Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Aisle Decorations

Recently I have been thinking about ways to decorate our aisle at our ceremony site. I was unsure whether we needed to add something, since we are getting married outdoors and so, in theory, we could let nature provide the decorations.

However, I think it might be nice to add a little colour to the aisle and I really like the look of pomanders handing from the chairs.

Right now, I'm not sure what the ceremony chairs will be like, but I'm sure we woud be able to hang something from them.

Pomanders made from flowers would work out crazily expensive, even if I used silk flowers, so I think I'd definitely go down the tissue paper route. I found this tutorial on Project Wedding and they sound like they would be time consuming, but fairly simple to make. If I can find the polystrene balls for cheap enough, I think I'll have a go at making these.

I love how nice and fluffy they look!

Another option that I think is quite cute for lining the aisle is paper lanterns:

These would be much easier than the pomanders, and give a similar sort of look.
I also really love this idea, although I doubt we'd be able to have it at our venue:

How cute is that? And I love hay bales for seats too!

I'm going to keep looking for more inspiration for something to line the aisle - something cheap, simple and pretty. If I can find the balls to make pomanders at a reasonsble price then I think I'll be sold on that idea, but I have ages yet until an actual decision has to be made!

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