Friday, 15 October 2010

Envelope Liners. To diy or not to diy?

I think that lined envelopes look really cute for wedding invitations. They are a nice, simple way to jazz up plain, boring envelopes and can help you add your own personality to the invitations.

I really like the look of lined envelopes and I found this really easy tutorial from The Budget Savvy Bride, explaining how to make your own envelope liners.

I think that if I found some pretty wrapping paper in our wedding colours, I could make envelope liners for just a few pounds. My dilemma is that I'm not sure if it is worth all the time and effort.

Sure, they will look pretty, but it's not like anyone will open an unlined envelope and be horrified at the lack of pretty paper stuck to the inside! At the end of the day, the envelopes are going to get thrown in the bin. Do I want to spend hours cutting and sticking things that will just be thrown away as soon as they are opened?

I'm still undecided because even though I know they're going in the bin, I still think they look really nice! For just a few pounds, I'm tempted to make them anyway in the hope that at least one person will open the envelope and think "Ooh, that's cute!"

I think I'll try to find some purple and green patterned paper, or maybe just lime green? I have seen some other options for envelope liners that are also very cool -

Google map envelope liners
Map Envelope is a website that lets you put in your postcode and create an envelope liner made from a Google map. How cool would it be to have a map to your wedding venue lining the envelope?

If you don't want a google map, or the google map of your venue is really dull (like mine!) then you could draw your own map!

Or what about using a photograph? I think this is a little bit OTT to use a photo of the two of you (afterall, your guests know what you look like!) But it's still cute.

Another way to use photos as an envelope liner, without it being too cheesy and conceited, is to use someone elses wedding photo. Maybe your parents or grandparents, or someone special that you want to honour? 
One idea that I really like is to line the envelopes with paper covered in words. 

You could have your names, wedding date and location, or you could have words like "love, trust, passion, friendship" etc repeated over and over again. The great thing about making your own envelope liners is that you could print out whatever you like and stick it in the envelope. 

Speaking of words - I found this recently:

A nice wedding portrait, right? But if you look closely, the entire picture is made up of words!

How cool is that? They are called Text-o-graphs and you can order them here in poster prints, canvas prints or digital file, using any picture and any words you like! I would love one of us, using our vows, or the lyrics to our first dance. 

At $40 for a digital file, $60 for the cheapest poster print and $230 for the cheapest mounted canvas print, they are not particularly budget friendly but they are very cool!

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