Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wedding Cake Idea

I have a new obsession! Ever since I saw a picture of this wedding cake, I can't stop thinking about it...

Oh yes! A rice crispie cake!

My friend, Danielle, makes the most amazing rice crispie treats. Seriously good - I would always choose them over regular cake, so when I saw this wedding cake it just seemed like the perfect idea!

And just think about how much money we would save!

Karl isn't convinced. He loves cake, and is sort of set on the idea of a chocolate cake. I think that a rice crispie cake is a little too unusual for him to get his head around. Personally, I think it's brilliant. And since we are not planning on serving our wedding cake as dessert during the meal it should be fine. Our guests will have a 3 course meal, plus bacon sandwiches later, plus wedding cake. Therefore, the cake is just a nice extra so it's not that necessary to have something that everyone will eat - if someone doesn't like rice crispie cake (but really, who doesn't??) then it's not like they will starve or anything!

I have just been discussing this with Danielle, and we think it would be fairly easy to make. It'll just take LOTS of rice crispies and big cake tins.


I seriously love these cakes! I think it's something a bit different but still really fun - exactly how I hope our wedding will be. I'm going to try and convince Karl that this would be much better than a boring old chocolate cake!

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