Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mustache on a stick - version 2.0

OK, everyone has seen the good old mustache on stick. They are the bread and butte of wedding photo booth props. I personally love a good fake mustache. I think it makes every picture 10 times better!

For example:

Amazing. Anyway, Delightfully Engaged posted about these possible photo booth props from PhotoJoJo, which are the new and improved, futuristic version!

 Clear, pocket sized paddles with pictures printed on them! Very cool, and very funny. These would be amazing as photo booth props, or even on your tables for guests to play about with. They could even be bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts. I like the fact that they are clear, so you don't have the big stick in your photos, and I also like that they can be used closeup on yourself, or you can hold them up to use on people who are further away, meaning you could get some hilarious shots of people without them even knowing.

At $10 each, or the whole set for $30, I won't be buying them (I'll stick with my DIY, cheap and cheerful mustaches, thanks) but they are still very, very cool and they would certainly add something special to your photos!

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