Friday, 8 October 2010

Badge Madness!

Ever since I saw this picture on Offbeat Bride, I have been a bit obsessed with badges.

Isn't that a really cute way to personalise a buttonhole? I really like it, and immediately started looking for a cute badge for Karl's buttonhole. Unfortunately, he is the pickiest man on the planet, and everything I suggested was shot down.

So I'm still looking and he is thinking about what he would like a badge to say.
I also think it would be nice to have a badge attached to the stems of the bouquets, so that the bridesmaids can tell who's is who's. I've since some really nice charms on bouquets, with the girls initals, but since 3 of my bridesmaids have names starting with K, this wouldn't really work.

Anyway, I found some really lovely badges:

Wedding Party Badges
I like the style of these, but don't think I would want everyone to have a badge with their role on it. I'm not sure why...

These are from Folksy, from the seller Maushaus and are the cutest things I have ever seen! You can request personalised ones, and they are all handmade too. I also really like the ones that say "eek" on them, since that is exactly how I imagine I'll be feeling!


While looking at all the badges, I started to think that it would be really cool to have a load of badges to give to the guests, as an extra little favour. I got very excited when I found some very cool pictures of couples who had done just that!

Like I said, I'm a bit obsessed! I even started thinking about what our badges could say and came up with a few designs.

We had loads of fun thinking of what to put on the badges! Some of them I am unsure about, since not everyone will get them. For example, the Gibbs badge, with WWGD? (what would Gibbs do?) - some of our friends will love this, since they are also big NCIS fans, but everyone else might be a bit confused. Same goes for the "Haven't you always wanted a monkey?" badge - this is a line from our favourite Barenaked Ladies song - I know my family will love this, but it won't be as funny for people who are not BNL fans.

I am loving the "Team" badges though - I would be very interested to see who ends up on which team!  I originaly thought about attaching a badge to the place cards, but then realised that that would mean choosing which badge to give to which guest - which I just couldn't do! Instead, I think we would probably have all the badges in a bowl for guests to choose their own - probably by the guestbook or something.

Unfortunately, these badges might never happen. The cheapest I can find personalised badges for is 70p each, which for 100 badges is £70! That's more than we are spending on our current favours! If these were going to be our main favours, I would spend that much, but we already have the vodka favours brewing. I even looked into a badge making machine, but they are about £150, so unless I can find someone who alread has one and is willing to let me borrow it, badges for the guests will remain just a fantasy :-(

However, I will continue to think of more designs for our badges, on the off chance that we are able to find them for cheaper. And I'd still like to have badges for the buttonholes and bouquets. Karl thinks that the Team Karl and Team Kayleigh badges should go on the buttonholes and bouquets, but I'm not so sure.

Maybe if we win the £112million on the lottery tonight, we could have badges for everyone!

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