Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bribing the groom with cake...

I talked recently about wanting a rice crispie wedding cake , and I'm still trying to convince Karl! He is convinced that we should stick with regular chocolate cake, but I'm working on him.

I have suggested that a rice crispie cake would save us loads of money, and so he could have a groom's cake too. Yes I am aware that that's bribery, but my morals go out the window when rice crispie cakes are involved.

Now a groom's cake is a very American idea (I think it's mainly used in the south? Not sure though) and I've never heard of weddings in the UK having a groom's cake, but if that's what it takes then I'm happy to go along with it - plus more cake can only be a good thing!

From what I can (from lots of googling!) groom's cakes tend to be gifts from the bride to the groom and often reflect the personality or interests of the groom. They also tend to be chocolate, or at least dark, so they look more masculine that the lighter, feminine wedding cakes. Here's a few pictures of groom's cakes:


As you can see, they range from fairly simple to really amazing!

I've promised Karl that it would be a fairly big cake (not as big as the wedding cake, but big enough!) and it would be a chocolate cake. But I want the actual cake to be a surprise for him.

I want Karl's cake to be something that he loves more than anything else (probably including even me!) so this is what I'd get for him:

Yes, that is actually a cake! How incredible does that look?

Karl is addicted to coca-cola. It's a very bad thing to be addicted to, but everyone has their vices, right? If I presented Karl with a giant can of coke, that was actually a chocolate cake, I'm fairly certain that he would think he'd died and gone to heaven.

So that's what we'd have if Karl agrees to the rice crispie wedding cake. If he doesn't agree, we'll just stick with our original plan of a chocolate, iced wedding cake. I'll keep you posted!

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