Saturday, 30 October 2010

Pretty Parasols

Many, many months ago, I saw this picture, and I fell in love:

I love the idea of a paper parasol for the wedding - I burn very easily and was not looking forward to re-applying sun tan lotion every 5 minutes during the wedding! When I saw this picture, I decided that I would have a parasol with a big K painted on it.

Later, I decided that instead of just a K, I would have our monogram painted on it instead:

And not long after that, I saw this parasol, and decided I should have "just married" instead:

And now, I'm considering a plain, unpainted parasol so that I can use it again after the wedding. As you can tell, I change my mind a lot! My original plan was to buy parasols for the bridesmaids too, although not to walk down the aisle with, just for after. However, the cheapest I can find paper parasols is about £10 each, which would ean spending £50 on parasols alone. I'm not sure it is worht it, especially since there is no guarentee that it will actually be sunny! I did like the bright colours though- I imagined myself with a white parasol and the girls with purple or lime parasols. Possibly with their names or initials painted on.

I don't want to carry the parasol down the aisle, and I don't want to hold it during the ceremony. It would basially be for the reception drinks after the ceremony and to have photos taken with.

I think I will definitely buy a parasol for myself, but I'm still undecided about what to paint on it. Part of me thinks I should leave it plain so I can use it after the wedding, but another part of me wants to have out monogram so that it ties in with the stationary etc. But is that a bit too matchy? I'm worried it might look a bit daft with our initials plastered all over everything? I love the "just married" parasols too, but that would mean that it would be useless after the wedding.

Here's some more parasol porn for you:

Source. I love this photo so much!
If I had lots of money, I would buy enough parasols for all of the female guests - since our wedding is outdoors, I don't want nayone fainting from heat stroke! Unfortunately, I don't have lots of money, so the guests will just have to fend for themselves!

I have to say - it had better be sunny and hot on our wedding day! All of our plans are centred around a sunny, outdoor wedding. If it rains, it wont half bugger up our plans!

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for sun - and please vote for what I should have my parasol decorated with!

What should I have on my parasol?

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