Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Giant Garden Games

So when we first started thinking about things we wanted to have at our wedding, one of my "must haves" was giant garden games, set up outside for the guests to enjoy while we had our photographs done and they waited for the meal to be served.

I was particularly excited about giant Jenga (I love Jenga!) and I also wanted connect 4, checkers, dominoes and some other games. I wasn't too keen on the idea of Twister - not the most dignified of games at the best of times!

Anyway, I spent weeks searching for companies that hired out giant games in our area, and I found a fair few. The best I found was a pack of 10 games (although not all of them were the ones I wanted) for about £200, including delivery, set up and removal, with a 4 hour time limit. I realised that it would probably end up cheaper to buy the games ourselves, and then we also wouldn't have to worry about a time limit or anything.

I decided that it would be about £100 to £150 for the minimum number of games I wanted, but we'd have to sort out delivery and set up ourselves. I'm sure that the venue would be kind enough to help out with that though. I did get very excited when I saw that you could hire a "buzzer wire" - one of those electronic wires that you have to pass a hoop over without touching? So much fun - but so much money too!

However, now I think I've changed my mind. Over time, I've come to realise that since we get married at 4pm and plan to eat at 6pm, that leaves only about an hour of free time after the ceremony and group photographs. I'm not sure that it's worth getting giant garden games for just an hour, since we will be serving drinks during this time anyway and I'm sure people will be able to pass the time catching up and chatting.

I'm a little bit torn - on one hand, they would be fun and would provide something to keep the kids busy. On the other hand, is it a waste of money since we don't need them, and guests will only have an hour to use them?

Hmmmm. It's a difficult decision, and one I'm going to have to make soon because we will have to start buying up the games if we decide to go for them.

Do we need to have some sort of entertainment? Do guests expect something?

I will say, I am extremely jealous of my sister who says she wants Rock Band set up on the Wii, and a dance machine at her wedding reception - how cool does that sound??

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