Friday, 22 October 2010

Our precious...

I have been looking at wedding rings quite a lot recently, and I think we have chosen the ones we will get. I can't find an online picture of the actual rings, but they are similar to these:

We haven't bought them yet, so we might still change our minds, but every time we look at rings, these are the type we are drawn too. We both like the quite simple rings, in white gold. At first I wanted just plain bands, no stones at all, but I've decided that I wouldn't mind a little bit of sparkle from a set diamond. Karl likes the flat rings, as opposed to the court shaped and he likes the ones with striped grooves too. I also really like the flat style, but it is difficult to find this style ring that's not too thick. Personally, I wouldn't want my ring to be more than 4mm wide, where as Karl's will probably end up being 6mm.

I remember reading somewhere, shortly after we first got engaged, that you should budget most money for the photography and the rings, because these are the only parts that will last forever.
This makes sense, I suppose, but I'm still going to ignore the advice. I think the most important things that will last forever are your memories, so you should make sure you have good ones. And just because you're going to keep something forever doesn't mean you should spend a small fortune on it! We have got a massive bargain with our photographer and the photos are still going to last forever - and the rings we have chosen are also a huge bargain. To be honest, I don't wear much jewellery, and I certainly don't wear expensive jewellery, so the thought of spending hundreds of pounds on a single ring just doesn't sit right with me. I'd be too scared to wear it - what if I lost it? What it I got it dirty or scratched or ruined? I'm much happier with a simple ring because it's the meaning behind it that counts, surely?

Anyway, while looking for rings, I came across a few more unusual designs that I loved.

You can get these fingerprint rings from Fabuluster on Etsy, with prices of about £250 for a set of 2 rings. Basically, you choose the metal and are sent an imprint kit in the post. You print your finger and your fiance's finger, send the kit back and get a completely unique, personalised set of rings!
I really love this idea - although I have been watching for too much CSI lately, because my first thought was "ooh, but what if someone stole the rings, made an imprint of our finger prints and then planted them at a crime scene?!".

Another very cool ring i found was this one, called Inner Message, and available from Yoon Jung Yun

You can get rings with the words "Always" or "Marry Me" printed inside in raised letters, meaning that the words are leave an imprint in your finger. You can also contact the seller to request custom wording. The rings are available in sterling silver from $162 each, or 14k gold for $797 each, so they are not what I would call budget friendly, but they are very cool.

Another unusual wedding ring idea is something my brother told me he wants for his wedding rings.

Basically, scientists have taken bone cells form couples when they have their wisdom teeth removed, then grown the cells into a ring shape. The bride and groom then swap rings made of each others bones. Is that creepy or sweet? I think it's quite cool personally, but definitely not for everyone. I also imagine that it costs a ridiculous amount. And now i know that I need to stop watching CSI, because my first thought when I saw these rings was "at least you would have a DNA sample to give to the police if your partner went missing"!

You can read the proper article that explains the process here.

At the end of the day, it wouldn't matter if we exchanged bits of string to tie around our ring fingers, because it's what they symbolise that really matters.

If you want to see some more unusual rings, have a look at 15 of the geekiest wedding rings.

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