Sunday, 12 September 2010

Cake Toppers and Wedding Insurance

Just a couple of things to update on:

Our cake toppers arrived yesterday!

I mentioned in the other >post< that we wanted little wooden cake toppers which we would then paint. I ordered 2 men and 2 girls, but when they arrived there was a problem:

The bride is significantly smaller than the groom! I don't mind so much about the height, but its the size of the heads! The groom looks like a giant in comparison!

But never mind. Since we had bought 2 of each, we decided to just use the 2 men instead. I did want the bride topper to have the flared, dress shape, but I can live without it. I think once they are painted they will look fine anyway.

Anyway, I gave the 2 smaller ones to my sister, who is getting married in October 2011, to use as her cake toppers if she wants. She is teeny anyway, lol. 

Another thing that happened this weekend, is that I went onto our photographers website, and there was a big message on the home page saying "I am no longer doing wedding photography".  Cue me nearly having a heart attack! I emailed him and he replied straight away to say that of course he would still do our weddings, he is just not taking on any more wedding bookings because his wife is ill. Phew!

Very happy that we don't have to look for another photographer as it took us long enough to find this one - I doubt we would find another one that is such a good deal as well as being really nice.

But anyway, thinking that something might have gone wrong reminded me that I needed to get some Wedding Insurance.

I did consider whether it was worth getting insurance or not, but I thought that it's not very expensive and it covers pretty much everything. I like having the peace of mind I suppose.

I researched a lot of wedding insurance companies and compared their policies and in the end we went for Wedding Plan which can cover weddings in the UK or abroad. We got their silver cover, which has up to £5000 worth of cancellation cover and was only £19.99.

I definitely think that it's worth getting insurance - a wedding costs a hell of a lot of money and it makes sense to have some protection. At the very least it will mean that you don't have to panic if you're dress gets ruined or the rings get lost!

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