Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I've just bought a ridiculous amount of flowers!

I briefly mentioned in an earlier post that we had decided to go down the artificial flowers route because they are so much cheaper and we'd get to keep them.

I'm not much of a flower person - I just know what  think looks pretty and that's what I like. I don't really know any names of flowers, or when they are in season, or what goes well together.

I saw these bouquets of foam roses which I thought would be perfect for the bridesmaids:

And these were about £18 each, which I thought was pretty reasonable. I couldn't find the right bouquet for me ( I want white, green and purple) so I thought I'd look into buying single stems and making my own bouquet.

I came across Excelsior Wholesale during one of my many google searches. They sell single stems of silk and foam flowers, as well as cimple bouquets, glassware, ribbons, candles and any other florist accessory you can think of, all at wholesale price.

So I started to look flowers to make my bouquet, when I realised that I could get the flowers to make the bridesmaids bouquets from there too - and much cheaper than it would be the buy the ready made bouquets.

So I've just ordered a ridiculous amount of flowers - your first order must be over £75. I think mine came to about £85. Here's a screenshot of my basket:

See? Lots and lots of flowers! I've ordered enough to make 4 bridesmaids bouquets, my own bouquet, the men's buttonholes and a couple of crosages. And I'll probably still have some left over. But it's not my fault - they made me have a minimum order of £75 and it was surprisingly difficult to spend that much! Stupid bargains. I even bought the ribbon, florist tape and pins, plus ribbon for the invitations too!

Here's some pictures of the flowers I have ordered:

White roses
Green roses
Cream rose buds
Small green roses
Viburnam Spray
Eustoma Spray
The bridesmaids bouquets will be made up of the white and green stems only, and mine will be made of white, green and the purple stems. Corsages will probably be white and green and the buttonholes are yet to be decided. I think either the small green roses or the white rose buds. Karl thinks blue flowers (which he has repeatedly been informed will not work!) or black roses (what?!?). Men!

Anyway, I also bought a boat load of ribbon:

Light green satin ribbon
Green ribbon to wrap around the stems of the bridesmaids bouquets,

White satin ribbon
and white ribbon to wrap around the stems of my bouquet.

Purple Satin ribbon
I also bought a load of purple ribbon for the invitations, because it was the cheapest I'd seen anywhere.

Pearl Pins
I also ordered a couple of rolls of florist tape to fix the stems together, and 144 pearl tipped pins to affix the ribbons on, and we can also use them to attach the buttonholes.

I'm very excited! I figured I'd just go ahead and order them now so I don't have to worry about it later. Also, it means I've got plenty of time to play about arranging them.

Ooh,  I could have a bouquet making party! Invite some friends round, get them all to make a bouquet and see which is the best. Any excuse for a party, really...


  1. I like the idea of a bouquet making party will this be in addition to the invitation making party......so thats 2 parties :-) although that would mean buying 2 lots of wine or it could be a bring your own party! (alcohol that is, not bouqets and invitations)

  2. Oh, obviously it would have to be bring-your-own- wine! I'm on a budget here, don't you know??

    Probably best to keep wine away from the invitations, now that I think about it...

    I suppose I could provide some snacks - nice, clean, dry snacks that won't stain anything!


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