Saturday, 11 September 2010

A-ha! Now he's interested!

My fiancé, Karl, can't be doing with all this wedding malarky apparently. Too many little details that I want his opinion on. His standard response to everything that I shove under his nose is "mmmm, that's nice".

He does perk up slightly when the food is mentioned, but because we won't be picking a final menu for a while yet, he quickly loses interest. He was also quite opinionated about the cake, but after saying "It has to be chocolate sponge!" and me saying "OK" , there's not really much more to do!

He is not in the least bit bothered which shade of purple the bridesmaid dresses are, or which border the invitation inserts have. He couldn't care less about the ratio of white roses to green in the bouquets, and I'm not entirely sure that he knows what favours even are. When I say "What do you think of this for the wedding..." and turn the laptop towards him, he gets this glazed look in his eyes.

Luckily, I have several other people that I can run to (or email) to say "look at this!" and they will respond in a suitably excited manner.

But yesterday, I got his attention! I was browsing the Internet when he walked into the room, and when I said "what do you think about these for the wedding day...?" and turned the laptop towards him, he sighed, his eyes glazed over and he prepared his standard response. Until he saw what it was....

Oh yes! Transformers cufflinks! All of a sudden, he was interested! Apparently, the key to getting him interested in the wedding plans is to stick Transformers on everything. I'm quite tempted, as I do love Transformers...

Anyway, he has decided that he definitely wants these and I've had a quick look on ebay, where you can get them from Hon Kong for only £3.99. Bargain.

Here were my other ideas for his cufflinks - I was trying to find things that we make him interested in the plans, lol

Cricket Cufflinks
Fries Cufflinks
Poker Cufflinks
Crisps and Beer Cufflinks

Coca Cola Cufflinks
Monopoly Cufflinks
"Scream" Cufflinks

Any of these cufflinks would be perfect for Karl - although he's already decided he might need more than one set. He'll probably end up with all of them!

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