Friday, 24 September 2010

Flower Power, part 2

My second order of flowers from Excelsior Wholesale arrived today. Remember how I had a few problems ordering the first time, and the lovely man had to ring me to get it done? Well because of that, they didn't realise that this was my second order and so there was some more confusion.

Just to explain - they have a minimum order of £75 for first orders, and £15 for all subsequent orders. My second order was just a tiny bit over £15 and I received an email explaining that my order wouldn't be processed because it was under £75.

Anyway, I emailed them back to explain that it was infact my second order and the lovely man who called me the first time, Rich, got back to me straight away and processed my order.

But back to the point - the order arrived today - some more ribbon for my invitations, some more white roses my bouquet, and some extra white, green and purple flowers to make a throwing bouquet.

Throwing Bouquet

My bouquet (left) and Throwing bouquet (right)

I am really happy that I chose to add some more white roses to my bouquet - I think it looks better now, and fuller too. The throwing bouquet is just a small, really simple version of my bouquet. It's pretty obvious that it's not my original bouquet (it's about half the size!) but then I wasn't planning on pretending that it was. Whoever catches the bouquet will get to keep it, if they want to. Obviously they don't have to, I will gladly take it home with me if no one else wants it!

I also had a little play around with the button holes, adding a large leaf behind the flower and a pearl pin to the centre of the flower head.

I like the look of the leaf beind the flower, but I don't really mind if it's there or not. I suppose I will let Karl decide, since he has to wear it!

You can see in the pictures that I had a go at wrapping the ribbon around the bouquet too - It looks a bit messy and I'm not really sure of the best way to do it, so I'm going to watch some Youtube video tutorials then have another go.

Oh - and the best thing about using Excelsior Wholesale, other than the really friendly staff, fantastic customer service and really good quality products? There was a little bag of Haribo in the envelope with the invoice! The kind with the little jellybabies (my favourite - not sure how they knew that...?) - how nice is that?

I'm unsure whether Haribo are standard when ordering from there, or if it was a little gesture to make up for the small problems I had ordering.

Maybe it was a mistake, and someone from the warehouse is currently searching everwhere for their Haribo?! In that case, I will deny all knowledge as I have already eaten them!

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