Sunday, 26 September 2010

Twilight Dancing

I've just checked our venue's website and it has all been revamped. They now have a seperate Weddings & Events site and I found this picture of our ceremony site:

How gorgeous does that look?? It makes my tummy do flips!

When we first saw the veune, they mentioned that we could possibly have our first dance in the gazebo, under the fairy lights. I think they said that it would be hooked up with speakers so the music we had playing inside could also be played in the gazebo. I love that idea - it makes me think of the dance scene in Twilight, lol.

Twilight scene

But I'm not sure how the logisitcs of that would work. Mainly because we want everyone to join us on the dance floor after our frist dance, so if we did it outside, we'd then have to walk back inside with everyone in order to all dance together. It wouldn't be impossible, but it would a bit of a pain and it might spoil the atmosphere a little.

It will probably be easier to have our first dance inside, but I will definitely make Karl dance with me under the gazebo at some point. And I promise to only pretend he is Edward for a minute!

If we can, I will definitely have the music playing in the gazebo, so that our guests can go out into the garden for some fresh air, but their will still be a great atmosphere. And so that everyone else can have their Twilight moment too!

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