Thursday, 9 September 2010

Flower Update

I posted the other day that I'd ordered my flowers from Excelsior Wholesale - but I actually had a few problems so they didn't get ordered straight away.

Basically, I tried to order them and got an email saying that I should contact the company, which I did, and they said they had no record of an order from me. So I tried again, 2 more times and still no ordere going through.

At this point, Rich from Excelsior rang me to ask if I would mind emailing him my order as it obviously wasn't working the other way. So I did that yesterday, and today Rich rang me back to get payment as my flowers were ready (quick or what?).

So apparently they should be here tomorrow. How excting is that? All together, with delivery charges it came to £92.95, so that fits in well with my budget of £100 for the flowers (especially considering that price also includes all the tape, ribbon, pins etc, plus all the ribbon for the invitations).

But I must say it has been a pleasure dealing with Excelsior Wholesale - even though I had a few problems, they were extremely quick to email me back every time and incredibly friendly.

10 out of 10 for customer service!

Now lets hope that the products are just as good!

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