Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wheatgrass Centrepieces

I breifly mentioned using wheatgrass for the DIY centrepieces in a previous post, and I have gone away and done some  more research.

I really like this idea because they look fresh and natural but are still quite simple and fun.

Basically, we would get some square, wooden boxes or trays and paint them our wedding colours. Then we'd grow some wheatgrass, trim it to length and pop some flower heads on top. Easy peasy.

I found an amazing post on Wedding Bee where a bride explained how she made her own wheatgrass centrepieces. You can read it by clicking >here<.  It seems simple enough, and I also really like the fact that we could let guests take them home if they wanted. Either that, or our living room will have a wheatgrass theme for a while!

I suppose that we could even take them home and make them into wheatgrass juice for the morning after!
 Although I've never had wheatgrass juice before... I know it's full of nutrients and very good for you, but it looks a bit gross!

I've had a quick look at the prices of wheatgrass kits and I've found Juiceland which sells a kit that they claim will make about 8 trays of wheatgrass for only £15.95. Bargain! I thik we could probably even find some old bits of wood lying around and my dad would be able to cut them to size and turn them into containers, meaning we will save even more money!

For the flowers, I think I prefer the look of just a few flower heads in the grass, rather than completely covering it. I will just pop down to Sainsburys and buy a few bunches the night before.

Probably white roses to match the bouquets, and some purple flowers. Obviously this will depend on whats available on the day, but I think if we are flexible and don't have our heart set on a certain flower then we'll be fine. I suppose we could always use silk flowers, but it seems a shame when we could have fresh ones for just as cheap.

I was also thinking that we could stick some sprigs of herbs into the wheatgrass, maybe some lavender as it matches the colour scheme, and then they would smell amazing too!

I figured that we could have some long trays of wheatgrass to decorate the top table with aswell - something like this maybe?

Ooh - and I have just found this picture of wheatgrass being used to serve food on!

Is there no end to it's uses?! lol I think I should stop now, before i start thinking about wheatgrass table linen and chair covers! Ooh, now theres an idea....

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