Wednesday, 22 September 2010

To toss or not to toss...?

I'm talking about bouquets, obviously! Get your minds out of the gutter!

Anyway - tossing the bouquet. Is this outdated and sexist, or fun and traditional? Personally, I think it's quite fun, and no-one is going to take it too seriously and actually think that they will be the next to get married just because they caught the bouquet, right?
But a lot of people nowadays seem to be skipping the bouquet toss for various reasons. From what I can tell, one of the main reason why people choose not to throw the bouquet is because they don't want to embarrass their single friends my making them partake. I suppose being forced to take part in a ritual just because your not married is a bit horrible, so I would probably choose to invite all women  to take part, including the married and engaged ones. And if people don't want to, then it's not really a big deal.

A friend of mine went to a wedding, and caught the bouquet - she was embarrassed because she had jumped for it, like she'd seen people do in films, and everyone else had just stood still. Well, if I'm throwing my bouquet, I want people to jump for it! I want Olympic worthy gymnastic displays and cat fights over it! Really, I just think that it would make some really funny photos - like these:

Looking at these pictures makes me really want to do a bouquet toss! I think it looks like so much fun! Also, I think it's quite nice that one of your guests gets to take home the bouquet. But then, of course, there is the possibility that it will end up like this:

These are brilliant photos and will no doubt end up as hilarious wedding memories, but I don't really want my bouquet ripped to shreds! I want to keep it, and since it is artificial, I will be able to keep it forever.

So I decided that I will need a 'throwing boquet'.  A mini version of my bouquet, that's sole purpose is to be thrown. And then the ladies can fight over it as much as they like!

So I ordered a couple more flowers from Excelsior Wholesale, since I needed to order more ribbon anyway and I decided that I wanted a few more white roses in my bouquet. I bought a few white, green and purple, to make up a smaller, simpler version of my own bouquet to throw. That way, the catcher gets to keep the bouquet (or rip it to pieces) and I get to keep my own too!

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