Sunday, 12 September 2010


I am very excited right now!

Remember our venue? We love it so much, but the celebration garden, where our ceremony will take place wasn't actually built when we last saw the venue. We saw the plans for it and the sketches etc, and we really liked them, but I have been dying to see our actual ceremony site. How am I supposed to imagine walking down the aisle, when I don't know what it looks like??

Anyway, today I went onto the venue's website and found these pictures of the celebration garden, fully built!

The pavillion where we will stand during the ceremony

Our ceremony site

How gorgeous does that look?!

The stone path down the middle will be the aisle that we walk down, and then chairs will be set up on the grass areas for guest seating.

Obviously by next year all the plants and bushes will be bigger and fuller. I am so excited to finally get a look at our ceremony site! We are going to try and visit the venue tomorrow afternoon to check it out in the flesh, so to speak. I really want to see how long the aisle is - and maybe have a little go at walking down it!

[all photos are from the Pryors Hayes website]

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