Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mum's wedding dress!

My mum got her bag of wedding stuff down from the loft today and in it was, amongst other things, her dress and veil! I thought I'd share them, just for fun:

My mum's dress

My little sister, modelling mum's veil
 My parents got married in April, 1982 and I was pleasently surprised that my mum's dress wasn't as horribly 80's as I'd expected. You can't see much of the detail in their wedding photo, except that my mum looked gorgeous in it, lol. 

Personally, I think the dress is actually quite nice. I love the high neck and the collar detail. The sleeves are a little bit too much for my tatses, but if you altered them slightly, I think you would basically have this dress:

A Modern Trousseau-Carin gown (via Wedding Bee)
I feel a litle bit sad that the dress is just sitting in the loft, all lonely, but my mum doesn't want to get rid of it, or destroy it by cutting it up and turning it into something else. 

Maybe if one of my sisters is small enough to fit into it when they get married, it will get another chance at life?

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