Friday, 10 September 2010

Flower Power!

Our flowers arrived from Excelsior Wholesale  this morning (super fast delivery or what??) and I am really pleased with them.

A very large box. I wonder what it could be...
it's...some paper?
 It's a box full of flowers!
Everything laid out nicely
So there it is! I am loving the lime green roses! I was a bit unsure of them on the website as they looked a tiny bit too bright, but when they got here they are so lovely. I'm also very impressed with how realistic the foam flowers look - my mum even tried to smell them!

Anyway, everything came packaged really well, with plastic bags over all the flower heads and the stems all tied together.

If you have a very keen eye and an even better memory, you might notice that in my previous post I said I had ordered Vibutnam, but there is no Viburnam in the picture. That's because they were all out, so I changed it to spider mums instead:

spider mum
which I don't like very much now that they are here. The colour looks better in this photo, but in the real life it is more of a dirty, khaki type green. But never mind, luckily we don't really need them.

So my mum and I had a play around at making a bridesmaid bouquet - what do you think?

Bridemaids bouquet

close up of bridesmaid bouquet
I'm really pleased with them - I think they have just the right combination of green to white and they are a really nice size. If we had used the spider mums of viburnam, they would have been to big, I think.

Next, we had a go at the birde's bouquet. This is using the same roses as the bridesmaids, plus the purple eustoma and agapanthus:

Bride's bouquet
Close up of bride's bouquet
I am so in love with my bouquet! I love the colours, I love the size, I love everything! It took us a while of playing around with it to get each flower exactly where we wanted it, but I'm so happy with the end result.

Karl also decided that he would like the green roses for the buttonholes (remember how his only choice up til now had been blue or black roses?!). I'm very happy he chose those, since they are what I wanted, lol. 

I had a little play, cutting down the stem and wrapping it in ribbon to see what it would look like:

I think these are so cute!

I also had a play about with making a corsage, which our mums will wear:

I was trying to keep them nice and simple and I'm really happy with how this looks.

After that, I decided that I might as well have a go at putting the other bridesmaid bouquets together:

Bride's, 4 bridesmaids, a buttonhole and a corsage
I have just put a little bit of stemtex around the bouquet stems to hold everything in place. but we can still take them apart and rearrange them if we want. I might have a little play about with them before I bind them properly and wrap the ribbon around the stems.

I must say though, I have a new found respect for florists! It is really hard to arrange a bouquet - you need 3 hands!

Now I'm wondering if they will be ok stored as bouquets for so long, or whether I should store them as seperate stems and put them together again right before the wedding?

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  1. The flowers look gorgeous!! Can't wait to see them :) xx


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