Monday, 20 September 2010

DIY Cupcake Bar Idea

When we first started planning, I really wanted a sweetie buffet (or Candy Bar, if you're reading from across the pond!). Now I've sort of gone off the idea. I don't know if it's because every wedding on the internet seems to have one at the moment, or because we decided to go down the 3 course meal route instead of a buffet or BBQ, meaning that we'd have dessert, wedding cake AND sweets. Too much sugar, even for me!

Anyway, when I was researching them, I realised that they wouldn't be as cheap as I originally thought - even if you get all the containers and things for next to nothing, you still have to buy a shed load of sweets - and that can end up being really expensive!

I saw this on Style Me Pretty - wouldn't it be a a really cute alternative to a sweetie buffet?
It's a Make Your Own Cupcake Bar - you provide plain cupcakes, several different kinds of frosting (buttercream? Vanilla? Chocolate? One in your wedding colours?)  and a couple of different toppings (hundreds and thousands? Chopped nuts? Chocolate chips?) and your guests can frost and top their own cakes!

I really love this idea - although we probably wont be having it at our wedding because, like I said earlier, we already have dessert and wedding cake. 
I suppose you could use it as a favour idea - that would be quite fun. Or maybe even as the dessert for any children that attend?

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