Monday, 27 September 2010

Ring Bearer Book

We decided not to have a ring bearer, partly because if we gave a role to one child, we would have to give a role to the other 6 or children of a similar age. As much as we love them, there just isn't enough room in our wedding for all of them. So we decided it would be fairer, and cause less problems, if we stuck to just adult attendants - so no flower girl, no page boy and like I said, no ring bearer.

This was a decision that never really bothered me until I found this tutorial on Offbeat Bride - showing how to make a ring bearer book:

From Offbeat Bride
I absolutely adore this idea! I don't know if it's because I love reading, so the idea of having our rings stored inside a book really appeals to me, or because when I was younger I always wanted a secret hiding place, like a book with a hole hidden inside.

Who am I kidding? I still want that now!

Doesn't this make a really cool alternative to a pillow? And I think the rings would be safer inside the book than an a pillow!

The tutorial is really clear and the book looks so simple to make - plus I could probably do it for under £1! I would probably have to pick up a book from a charity shop, but I might have an old one lying around that would work. And depending on what design we wanted on the front, I'd probably have to buy a sheet of wrapping paper or something similar.

The only thing stopping me from making this right now, is that we are not having a ring bearer, therefor there is no one to carry it up the aisle, and so really no reason to have it at all.
I mean, we could give it to the best man to hold the rings in, but there isn't really any need - he is perfectly capable of keeping the rings in their box. Plus, the book would probably just be too awkward anyway, since it's not like the best man could just put it in his pocket!

But I love the idea so much! I think it would be so cute to leave a few pages free and have our wedding vows and the readings from the ceremony printed on them.

I am very tempted to just make one anyway, and even if it's not used for our wedding rings, I could just hide things inside it!

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