Sunday, 19 September 2010

DIY: Flowchart and Favours

I posted about the "should I invite them?" flowchart a while back, and today I found another one! Hurray!

I do love flowcharts! They remind me of those quizzes that I used to do in magazines when I was little. The always had topics like "Which Spice Girl are you?" or "Which flavour lip gloss are you?". (Baby Spice and Cherry, if you're interested!)

Anyway, I love a good flowchart, so this one, which helps you decide whether you should take on a wedding DIY project or not, is right up my street.

DIY Reality Check Flowchart

Very helpful, especially when I start thinking things like "I could make the bridesmaid dresses, how hard could that be?". The answer is "very hard".

On a slightly related note - I appear to be dragging my dad into the wedding DIYness alot recently. It's my mums fault really - everytime I mention something, she says that my dad would be able to make it.

"You need 10 wooden boxes for the centrepieces? Your dad could make those!"

"You want some speech bubble shaped black boards for the photobooth? Your dad could make those!"

"Table number holders? You're dad could make those!"

"A limo to take you to the ceremony? Your dad could make that!"

(Ok, so maybe that last one is a slight exageration, but you get the idea!)

Anyway, my dad has been volunteered to make pretty much anything that I probably wouldn't be able to make myself. The good thing is that he probably would be able to make the centrepiece boxes and the black board shapes, and he would have a go at table number holders. It's very helpful and generous, and I think it adds a nice, personal touch to the wedding when you know that things have been made my family members or friends.

I think it's really lovely to get people involved in your big day, and it's a great way to save money. Every article or blog post you will ever read about having a budget wedding will say that the best way to save money is to call in favours from friends and family.
This used to really annoy me, as not everyone has an auntie that is a cake baker, or a cousin that is a make-up artist, or a friend that is a graphic designer and can make your invitations for free!

I am lucky enough to have a friend who is a hairdresser and has offered to do my hair on the day, but I don't have any other friends or family that can get me a discount on wedding things.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box when calling in favours - your cousin might not be a make-up artist, but she might have a really good collection of beauty products that you could raid for the day. Your auntie might not be a baker, but she might make a pretty sugar flower anyway. You might not have a friend that is a graphic designer, but they might have a fairly decent printer and a discount at Hobbycraft!

In my case, I don't have anyone with convenient jobs in a wedding related industry, but I do have a dad who is pretty nifty with a power saw, and also a sister-in-law who is a bloody good artist. I plan to take full advantage of their superior skills to save myself money and stress!

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