Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Holy Cow!

Have you heard of ArtsCow? I hadn't until a few days ago - but it is a site that prints your photos onto all sorts of products (such as bags, umbrellas, playing cards, keyrings etc ).

Very cool, but a little bit pricey. Especially when you consider the fact that it is an American site and so the shipping to the UK is about £25. Anyway, the best thing about ArtsCow is that it is similar to Vistaprint in that you can sign up to the news letter and they will send you deals.

Today I received an email from them, offering 3 cosmetic bags for $8, with free shipping when you use the code 3COSMETIC8 before the 2nd of October 2010.

You can have anysize cosmetics bag (small, medium, large or extra large) and you can customise them however you want with photos, colours, text, patterns etc.

So I thought they would work well to hold the bridesmaid gifts I'm planning (I won't go into detail incase any of them are lurking...). I decided on the large cosmetic bags, which are $11.99 each, so 3 for $8 is a massive bargain.

I chose a different background pattern for each bridesmaid and put their names on one side. Since I have 4 bridesmaids and the offer is 3 for $8, I also designed one for myself and one as a "Grooms Survival Kit" which I'm going to put things like breathmints, spare socks, cufflinks etc in for Karl on the morning of the wedding.

Here's the one for me to keep bits of makeup, hair grips and probably chocolate in:

I was trying to keep it simple, and I wanted it bright green so I wouldn't lose it! You can make them as detailed as you like, with as many photos or embelishments as you can fit.

Anywho, so I had 6 bags at $11.99 each, plus about $25 minimum for shipping. I put in the code and got it all for $16 (which was just under £10.62) and free shipping. According to the website, that was a discount of over $80. Bargain!

I imagine you could use ArtsCow for lots of things, maybe favours (I love the playing cards with your picture on them, or the keyrings) or even Save The Date's or invitations. At the very least, you could get your wedding photo's printed on pretty much whatever you like!

Just sign up to the news letter and wait for the offers to come through. If you are in the UK then I would reccommend waiting for one that offers free shipping, as that costs more than the products do!

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