Thursday, 9 September 2010

I heart ebay!

Seriously, what did we do before ebay was around? And how did anyone plan a wedding on a budget??

Today I have ebayed to my hearts content. The theme of my purchases? Inviations!

I have previously mentioned that my invitation inspiration was these lovelies:

but we are having flowers instead of hearts, and our ribbon will be purple.

So, from ebay, I've just bought 100 A6 linen textured, gatefold card blanks, in white, plus envelopes, for £11.50.

I was going to get 50, as we probably wont need more than that, but it was £10.99 for 50 so I figured I should get another 50 for 51p! It's good to have spares, and I can always pass the leftover ones to someone else.

Card blanks
So I have 100 of these from the seller Tubularowl1 and I also bought the flower shaped punch that will make the cut out shapes across the middle of the invitations:

It took me a while to find the craft punch, because I needed one with a long handle so that it would reach to the far edge of the invitation. I picked up a Carl Long Reach Craft Punch for £3.99.

My final ebay purchase of the day was a corner rounder. Ok, so this is not technically for the invitations - but it is for wedding related crafts, and I thought I might aswell buy everything at the same time.

I debated for a while about buying some gorgeous lime green, shimmery place cards, which were 50 for £4.99. But then I realised that I'd have to buy 2 lots, making it almost £10, when I could just as easily buy a couple of sheets of green card and cut them out myself.

I also thought that cutting them out myself would mean I could print the names off the computer, as opposed the hand writing them.I might have to buy a guillotine or something though, just to make all the cutting out easier.

So at the moment, my invitation spending is as follows:
card blanks: £11.50
craft punch: £3.99
ribbon: £7
card for inserts: £1.50

total: £23.99
cost per invitation = 24p

I really do heart ebay!

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