Thursday, 9 September 2010

Do me a favour...?

I keep going through phases concerning favours. One minute I'm convinced that they are a waste of money because no-one will care if they get one or not, and the next minute I've changed my mind and decided that I need to have them as a way to thank the guests for coming.

I think we will have them, but only if we find something we really love and it is really cheap.

Some things we considered for favours:

Alcohol minitures. I really wanted tequila and then we could give everyone a lime wedge and some salt, and do a group tequila slammer as the toast! But lots of people don't like tequila, so I think it would be a bit of a waste.
Chocolate bars with golden tickets. I love these! You can have whatever colour wrappers you want, with your names on etc, and then you choose how many bars should have a golden ticket in them and what they should say. I thought about having 5 or so tickets telling guests they had won a bottle of champagne or something. Unfortunately, at £1.50 a bar, they are a tiny bit more than I'm willing to spend on chocolate.

Retro sweets. We did consider having a sweetie buffet too, but I've sort of gone off the idea. I quite like these just married love hearts though.

I think we definitely want something edible or drinkable, something people will actually enjoy. Personalised candles and shot glasses etc are all very nice, but I think they might get overlooked abit.

I still really like the idea of everyone doing a shot though! I love shots and so does my fiancé, so I started looking into having shots as favours - and that's when I had an amazing idea...

Test Tube Shots! Oh yes! The best way to take a shot, ever! The official drink of student unions and very drunked nights out!

I love test tube shots - and I really like the idea of providing our guests with a drink on us. And surely a test tube shot is the most fun way to give a drink to someone?!

I found these on ebay: Test Tubes Direct where we could get 100 plastic test tubes with caps for £15.99

 And I figured we could fill them ourselves and then attach a little note of thanks to them. Really simple.

I'm undecided about what to fill them with though. I have a few options:
  1. Flavoured vodka: we can make this ourselves, for next to nothing (except the price of the vodka, obviously) and it means we can make whatever flavours we want. We could even go down the proper student route and make skittle vodka! I was thinking maybe apple, vanilla, lime, strawberry? We could potentially make any flavour at all!
  2. Cocktail shots: a mixture of a few spirts and/or mixers. The pro's for this idea are that the ABV % would be lower, as they wouldn't be pure vodka, and also, we could make them to match our colour scheme! lol
  3. Ready made shots: for example, Jagermeister (yum!) or sourz or something. 
I quite like the idea of giving everyone 2 tubes, one for whenever they like and one to have as a toast. Although I'd have to check with the venue if they'll allow that as it would mean they would lose money on the toast drinks. Or should we have the regular champers toast aswell???

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