Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Iris Inspiration

So we went shopping today, and bought this gorgeous bunch of Irises:

I love irises - I remember my mum growing them in our front garden when I was younger, and the colour of these is gorgeous, and happens to be the exact shade of purple I want for the wedding.

It made me realise that we could have iris heads as the flowers in our wheatgrass centrepieces - I don;t know why it didn't occur to me before now, since the original tutorial for the centrepieces I found involved irises!

from lindseyrose on WeddingBee
 Anyway, as far as I know, Irises are available all year round, so getting them for our wedding shouldn't be too difficult. The bunch we got from Tesco was £3 (well actuallly it was reduced to £1.95, but it should have been £3) and has maybe 8 usable heads. I wonder if it would be worth finding out how much a huge bunch from a florist would be, since we will need about 5 or so heads per centrepiece (possibly 3, I've not decided yet). It might work out cheaper to buy one big bunch, as opposed to lots of small bunches form the supermarket. 

The other option, of course, is to grow our own. I have no idea if irises are difficult to grow or maintain, but I might do some research. It would be lovely (and cheap!) to grow them ourselves, but it would add the extra stress of worrying about whether or not the flowers will turn out ok.

Either way, I definitely like irises for our centrepieces - and as an added bonus, the song I'm walking down the aisle to is also called Iris! Just a little detail that absolutely no-one else would ever notice, but it makes me smile!

P.S. I have decided that we need to have that ring bearer book in our wedding somewhere! I will update soon with an explanation of how I'm going to make a few changes and includ eit in the ceremony!

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