Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ring Book

I mentioned in a previous post that I loved this ring bearer book idea, and I was determined to use it somehow, even if we aren't having a ring bearer!

From Offbeat Bride
Anyway, I have decided to make a book like the one in the picture above, with a space cut out to keep the rings in, but I'm going to leave a few pages loose at the front of the book.

My idea is to stick some plain paper on the loose pages and write (or print) the readings for during our ceremony on them. I was also thinking about writing our wedding vows in there too. That way, the people who are doing the readings can read from the book, and it can be passed to us to recite our vows from, then to the best man to retrieve the rings and pass them over.

I like the idea of everyone reading from the same book, as I was planning on writing up the readings and mounting them on something for the girls to hold anyway. I also think it will be a lovely keepsake after the wedding - our vows, readings, and space for some little trinkets to be kept safe.

It also reminds me a little of a tradition I once heard, where the wedding rings are passed around the guests during the ceremony, and they are asked to warm them in their hands and bless them, or imbue them with love and luck, so that when the couple put their rings on, they are warm from the love of their family and friends (all together now... awwwwwww).  While I love the sentiment behind it, it's not something we thought would fit in our own wedding - but I like the idea of the girls holding our rings while they read something lovely to us, and us holding our rings while we make promises to eachother.

Anyway, I went and bought a book today, from Cancer Research. I got Peter Kays autobiography for £1.50 - partly because it was the perfect size, and a hardback, and partly because I wanted to read it!

The book, minus the cover

I liked the fact that when I removed the cover, the book was nice and plain underneath. But even so, I'm going to find some nice fabric to cover the book in - I decided that paper might get a bit scruffy around the edges - and tie a ribbon around the middle.

But I'll wait til I've read the book!

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